Saturday, 2 May 2009

About to pop!

Sometimes I just feel I'm either going to explode or implode. The tension just gets all a bit too much. It seems impossible just too high a mountain to climb but the worst bit is what do I do if I don't get over this next hurdle, then what I ask myself.... I guess I'm scared but with that comes a strange low. I'm back to seeing the negative things everywhere the obese man, the down-and-out, the lacoholic, the drug addict, and I loose the plot. And I just want it to be over-what's the point in this life? I get my myself down. Is this some strange coping mechanism or is it depression? I hate apportitioning labels but I guess with a label it perhaps seems more legitimate. Or am I just medicalising something natural we all feel at some point? Whatever it is I hope it passes. Nothing looks good anymore and I'm fed up.

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