Monday, 1 February 2010

keeping it real

On paper things look super duper. A quick glance in and things still look pretty darn good. But a little further in things are a bit fuzzy. Oh and right in there, there's a cold, dark place which doesn't want to budge.

Let's start from scratch. I'm 24, I have 2 arms and 2 legs, hair on my head, chubby cheeks and glasses on my nose. I've been told I look about 12 but unfortunately 24 is closer to the mark. I did my thing at school, freaked out aged 17 and took a gap year, came back, studied and hey presto got a job. So here I am, working, earning and being.

There's another thing which I'll write here because, well, I think I need to say it somewhere. And when there's all those disasters, bitter strife and unfairness in the world this sort of thing pales into insignificance but alas I'm going to be just a little bit self indulgent, bare with me, it's not something I've ever said out loud or written down've never been kissed, I've never kissed, no one's ever asked me out-on-a-date (discounting a rather warped encounter with online dating). And well, folks, I'm beginning to wonder if I've got tentacles, 6 eyes or daggers poking out of me that as of yet, I just haven't discovered.

So this is my diary to keep me sane and tell all those tit bits that I'm too scared to tell anyoneelse about...

Bring. It. On. Well, I'll try to sound brave at least.