Friday, 24 April 2009

5 weeks

As it says above I guess. 5 weeks till the start of the FINALS. Sometimes it feels possible, just. Other times it seems totally not. Geriatrics block ended this week and I was blessed with a great tutor who gave some well thought, useful feedback (usually a rarity). This weekend I'm off to a revision course, just the surgery part-I did the medicine day back in late March. I'm hoping this will be just as useful. An added bonus is it's down in London so I guess it's a wee break. Strangely enough I'm looking forward to the train journeys the most. And I will try to do some work and not just stare out the window listening to music, one of favourite pastimes...Then onto GP on Monday for the last 4 weeks. Anyway, am off to try and crank the revision up a notch. Hmm.

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Sunday, 12 April 2009


As I bottle down and study I'm realising I'm just not a very efficient person. I get through things but in a muddled sort of way. Staring into space, flicking through old magazines, puddling on the internet.....I'm beginning to wonder if a concrete box would serve me better as a study space. Oh no that's right I could still stare into space.....right, heads down. Stop the puddling. Anyway, in a couple of hours the number one ladies detective agency is on.

easter time

Easter Sunday but no change to schedule here. Too much stuff to get through but am enjoying the sun streaming in the window. Still the usual-sometimes things seem under control other times things seem to be a slipping and a sliding away from me at break neck speed. Might go get myself a wee egg later...mmm, hats off to the inventor of mini eggs:)

Friday, 10 April 2009

back and forth

So eager I was to make my exitback home, I forgot to email myself my essay from the hospital computer and forgot all my washing (=no clean clothes for next week). So that meant a trip on the train back to the hospital then back home again then to teaching hospital to do some of afore mentioned essay. Slow progress as usual but time for some revision now. Oh the balance. Missing lunch tomorrow with the famdamily but 1. got a whole pile of work to do 2.mum will comment on weight so on all accounts better off catching up on work. That said, it's time to get my act together and try and shed a few pounds easier said than done.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

swallowed up

So as the weeks are disappearing, it's a bit of a treadmill, teaching, histories, examinations, case reports, presentations..... Now I've a long weekend off. Somehow I'm finding it tough to just slow down and schedule a break. Still 7 weeks to go but being away from a desk or a hospital somehow is tinted with guilt. Can't keep up like this for 7 weeks otherwise I'll be burned out before I'm anywhere close. Oh, to get that balance. So off to hit some neuro square on the head then maybe a bit of, I can't wait for this to be done.
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Sunday, 5 April 2009

8 weeks to go here on the finals front so things are hotting up. well, I'm sat here surrounded by piles of notes, a variety of revision books, textbooks and altogether a bit of a mess. As I was procrastinating fiddling away on the computer, I came across a blog which I hadn't read in a couple of months, Babycatcher. It is written by a midwife who worked in Malawi for several years (now in Ghana) and she recounts beautiful stories of her work. At times they are joyful, at times harrowing beyond belief but always inspiring. So as I was grouching and grumbling here I was reminded of the work that is out there to be done and the amazing opportunity I've been blessed with to study. So in other words, it reminds me to suck it up and get on with it. Still, studying doen't always come easy...No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is on at 9pm so another couple of hours then break time! woo hoo!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Spent today at the hospice as part of the introduction to geriatrics this week. We had some palliative care last year too and it pops up, not surprisingly, in general medicine, general practice and surgery too with talk about "do not resussitate"forms etc. Somewhat weirdly I guess I find it quite a fascinating topic but somewhat less weirdly, for a 23 year old, I guess I find I get work myself down thinking about disease, people and ultimatley death no matter how much peaceful, serene deaths are talked about. Medicine is a lot to deal with, your own mortality is pretty much whacked in your face most days and yet you're just starting life so to speak in your early twenties. A Reverend spoke to us at the end of the day about his role as part of the hospice team and talked animatedly about bringing people to a peace before they pass whether they are athetists, devout christians or muslims. Perhaps, we should take something from this and be this frank and open everyday but I guess it wouldn't be life...... the one thing it does, a day talking of dying and death, is put finals in perspective. But that's no excuse for the lack of studying here. I wonder what I'll be thinking on my death bed. What will I regret? What will I be thinking? These years on earth seem short so I guess I should enjoy, make the most of it and get going.....

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