Sunday, 24 April 2011

random thoughts on a sunny sunday

My head's all over the place. The better part is I finally did some letters this morning. They were hanging over me and it doesn't help that I'm not a great fan of writing/dictating for work. So phew, I can relax, well, at least until tomorrow then it all starts again. Rubbish.

I also love this song. We watched Jack and Sarah and it's in such a sweet scene there. "I wanna fall through the stars straight into your arms..."

So to go all old school, I think I've got a bit of a crush going on. I'm so all over the place mind you. I worked with this guy for a bit and kinda had that "ooo, your kinda hot in a wow your good at your job way." But nothing ever happened. And I changed jobs. Bumped into him occasionally but he never said much so I didn't think much. Move on another few months and as I drag all my worldly belongings into the hospital accommadation I would be in for the next year and who rocks up. Yes, him. So then he lives down stairs from me for, what, yes that's right another 8 months maybe. And NOTHING. He was with another girl for a few months I think so I guess that explains some of it but still I'm confused. We all happened to be at the pub the other night and he was there. I think I managed a couple of words and that was it. WHAT?! So here we are none the wiser.

I have no idea when it comes to men. Bah.

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