Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Last day of my holiday today; had a lie in (finally after a week and a half I learn to sleep in to only have to get up early again tomorrow, oh the hardship!). I also realise I need struture: I don't do so well without it; I worry, I fritter around and I get fed up. Only another few days and it'll be change over time with work so last weekend in this job coming up.

So I've been to Orkney with one of my old and good friends. We had a grand jolly, saw plenty of the historical things and even managed a bit of shopping. Listened to good tunes in the car while driving and met some interesting folk. Have now caught up with Downton Abbey and Sense and Sensibility so am quite saturated with period dramas and now love them despite reservations at first. I love the way that some things really don't change. I've done lots of chatting over tea and cakes with good friends and even managed to squeeze in a little bit of work stuff. Time off is definitely to be appreciated.

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