Sunday, 5 April 2009

8 weeks to go here on the finals front so things are hotting up. well, I'm sat here surrounded by piles of notes, a variety of revision books, textbooks and altogether a bit of a mess. As I was procrastinating fiddling away on the computer, I came across a blog which I hadn't read in a couple of months, Babycatcher. It is written by a midwife who worked in Malawi for several years (now in Ghana) and she recounts beautiful stories of her work. At times they are joyful, at times harrowing beyond belief but always inspiring. So as I was grouching and grumbling here I was reminded of the work that is out there to be done and the amazing opportunity I've been blessed with to study. So in other words, it reminds me to suck it up and get on with it. Still, studying doen't always come easy...No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is on at 9pm so another couple of hours then break time! woo hoo!

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