Saturday, 7 March 2009


5 years ago I'd never heard of this word before. It wasn't till I started university and landed in a flat with an english literature student that the world of procratination, olives (courtesy of greek flatmate) and mulitple boyfriends (courtesy of the nocturnal glaswegian business studies student). Four and a half years on I appear to have perfected the art of procrastination, developed a taste for olives but never mulitple boyfriends (one is apparently too hard.)

So my top three procrastination activities after many years of experience appear to be:
(1) The internet: email, blogs, facebook......
(2) Cleaning (am thinking minor ocd perhaps)
(3) staring into space...

you'd think I'd have gotten more imaginative by this point....

and maybe, just maybe, being a medic n all that I would have learned to incorporate exercise into procrastination alas I have not. So now it is lent, I'm thinking that might be my "resolution", not so much giving something up but adding something good into my life. Hmm so we'll see. Can old dog's learn new tricks??

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