Sunday, 22 February 2009


I thought I was doing well this morning-what with the run n all but alas I confuse myself: I felt like an addict (or at least what I imagine an addict would think like). I needed chocolate/crisps something bad. So I didn't just have a wee square of the bad stuff. Oh no that'd be far too normal. I had half a tub of jaffa cakes, a carmel square thing and 2 wagon wheels....what a pig. I sometimes can't believe myself. This time I'll really hope it's over. I'm fed up with me right now. After this blip (sounds better than a down hill spiral) this week better go better. I'd like to lose about 7kgs to be comfy and healthy again and I'm slowly realising there's no reason why I should use eating as a way to cope with medicine. It's not worth it for sure. but somehow I manage to forget that.

back to diabetes (I think my waist-hip ratio might be a worrying indicator of type 2 diabetes) anyhoo...
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