Friday, 20 February 2009

sometimes it just feels such a phaff

This week just dragged from start to finish. Monday morning I forgot my bankcard and couldn't pay for my train ticket at the station so had no choice but to jump on the bus back to the flat, grab my card, and jump on bus number 3 of the day back to the station and it was only 7.15am. Missed the train (unsurprisingly) and waited 40 mins for the next one, missing first part of the morning and spending an extortionate amount on a (much needed) cuppa at the station while waiting. Then came Tuesday, set off the fire alarm in the accomodation at the hospital and 2 fire engines arrived with a lecture on evacuating the building on hearing the alarm (fellow student burned chicken so thought there was no need to all get out) from a (not even hot) fireman. I know they have the public's best interest at heart and I certainly have no leg to stand but... Ipod ran out of battery and no charger in sight. Wednesday got all nervous before my assesment when it went fine and got all hacked off about the amount of paperwork we have to do, log books, assessment forms, portfolios... Thursday motivation at an all time low and am feeling like I have cabin fever and just want to escape small town. My dad kindly pointed out I could of course leave small town anytime I wanted but that's not the point I said. Friday: got no 3 of 3 assessment forms signed off. plus point. motivation in my boots to go and see any patients so curled up with a cuppa and a good book til fellow students ready to go home too. minus point. So, this weekend needs some serious work if we're to get through this ordeal unscathed. Sometimes there's light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it's a black hole with no escape.
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