Sunday, 22 February 2009

thyroids, adrenals, pancreas' (-es?)

Managed to go for a run this morning and the sun's shining. woo hoo. now it's time for some work but am feeling better about the humungus pile of stuff I still have to get through. made a wee plan yesterday which always feels good and which I always never stick to. These next few months seem to be doomed to be emotional rollercoaster material so I need to keep the old head just above water and get through the crap. phew. reminder of the day: stick to the simple things-keep breathing.

ps. took the plunge and stood on the scales (clothes off ofcourse who knows how many extra pounds that would add) and we weigh in at 61.6kgs. so here goes to healthy eating, healhty exercise and happy brains.

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