Sunday, 15 March 2009

Friday the 13th was Red Nose Day (Comic Relief). It brings back memories of dressing up as the flinstones, wearing pyjamas and baking red cupcakes at school to raise money and of course we would get home from school and if I was round at a friend's house we would beg to stay up late to watch the live tv show. The idea is to raise money for projects here and in Africa through fun and games so throughout the tv show they have short videos where celebrities go and investigate an aspect of health, education or sport which the money raised would be helping. Aged 7 these clips made a huge frog jump in my throat and shed a few tears and I wished so hard I could do something to help. This year, they focused on lives lost to malaria in Uganda and being not a million miles from Malawi, the images were all to familar, a convulsing child, a comatose one, a delirious one...the quinine lines running, the blood transfusions, the tiny cannulae. So now I had seen it first hand, I guess my childhood dreams had kinda come true. But I wish it was as simple as my childhood determination. The more I see Malawi the more complicated things become. The more it seems problems lie at a much higher politial level. Is that apathetic of me? Just reality I guess. But it still doesn't stop me from yearning to pass my finals and practice medicine in Malawi. What do the French call it again...? Something like, la maladie afrique......

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