Thursday, 26 March 2009

After the nasty start to yesterday, I dragged myself to the gym in the evening before babysitting and felt a hundred times better. There's a lesson for me. It's amazing what a good run can do for the soul.

I also spoke to my flatmate who is away in Tanzania at the moment and heard lots about how she's settling in which was great.

Then it's off up north tomorrow to visit an old friend.

And would you believe that's 2 weeks worth of holiday gone....just like that....

And all this time I've been thinking lots about someone, someone who I thought lots about when I was on placement on my elective, someone who would stir up those butterflies in my stomach when he popped into the paeds ward, someone who made me lost for words when he said hi, someone who had a cracking smile which made me melt when I saw him walking towards me, someone who I never wanted to say bye too, someone who I've been praying for.....sometimes, I don't know how it could work between us, a pretty whacking great continent in the way, but sometimes he seems so perfect I wish so hard that it will, somehow, work in the end......god willing.

Oh and lastly, I found this sweet site, for a bit of thoughtfulness...

Now for some work......

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