Monday, 16 March 2009

a good chatter solves a multitude of things

Over the past couple of days I've spent most of the time myself and I guess wound myself into a bit of a downward spiral about things. And as some nasty thoughts went through my head tonight my phone rang and it was a good friend calling for one of our good catch up's. And low and behold an hour or so later I felt much better! Every month or so I guess we have a good natter and there's a lot to be thankful for there. I'm not a great socialite but I have some great close friends who, altthough live in various places up and down the country, still keep in touch and there's nothing a like a good old catch up. Now I just need to keep my head above water, otherwise I can't keep on like this, not when it's so close to the finish line. Sometimes, I think running a marathon would be easier than this.

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